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Introduction / Background

Introduction / Background
The SEPIVA vehicles’ area is in charge of keeping the files of technical characteristics of all the vehicles registered in the Valencian Community.

It provides technical and legal consulting, both to the Autonomous Administration, as well as to the ITV (periodic motor vehicle inspection) stations, fixed or mobile, of the Valencian Community, applying the inspection criteria ordered by the Community Direction.

The goal of the ITV (periodic motor vehicle inspection) is checking if your vehicle fulfills the technical conditions demanded in order to guarantee your own security, as well as the security of the rest of the drivers. Therefore, the ITV guarantees that your vehicle fulfills the gas emission levels respectful with the environment.

Also, the ITV is in charge of reporting the results of the vehicle inspection to the Driver and the Vehicle Licensing Agency.

If the inspection has expired, go to the closest ITV office. The delay does not imply an overcharge on the applicable rates. Do not forget that not having the ITV card updated is against the law.

Remember that in order to pass the technical inspection you need to carry the Driver License and the ITV (periodic motor vehicle inspection) card.

Many inspections are successfully passed if the state of the tyres and the lights and the signaling devices are checked before the inspection.